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District Operations

The daily operations of Bellefontaine City Schools is focused on the support of students and staff, assuring there is a safe, inviting and effective learning environment  maintained by all support staff.  The Operations department is responsible for the care and upkeep of all Bellefontaine City School buildings and grounds.  Safety of the staff and students, as well as protection of community-owned assets, are a top priority.


For questions concerning facilities, grounds, or maintenance please contact the Executive Director of Administrative Services, Roger Ely at 937-593-9060, Ext. 3308, or email questions to

Use of Facilities

Schools belong to the community. The use of school facilities by the Bellefontaine community is available and guidelines have been developed.  Community use of schools is not to interfere with regular educational school purposes, impose undue burden on personnel, or strain funds allotted for building services and maintenance.  Some specific regulations and conditions must be met. There is an established schedule of fees, and charges for the use of buildings and grounds may apply. A sponsoring organization or group must indicate the following:

  1. intentions to provide a program which promotes the welfare of the community and be for community purposes;
  2. guarantees orderly behavior;
  3. underwrites any damages due to its use of the premises;
  4. pay for the use of equipment, property or grounds at the established rates; and
  5. possess liability insurance.

Priority will be given to Bellefontaine City School events.  Facility Usage Agreements are not required for school activities, which must be scheduled through the building principal or designee.

 A Facility Usage Agreement is necessary when a group or organization wants to use school facilities, assuring the Superintendent (or designee) that the group/organization complies with all regulations and respects the property, equipment and grounds of the school.    Arrangements to use special equipment must be made with the district's Executive Director of Administrative Services at the same time the Facility Usage Application is filed.  Specific events may require security and/or parking attendants. 

It is recommended that groups or organizations file for use at least 30 days prior to the date of the proposed use.  Details of the use, including special custodial or kitchen help, is arranged by the Executive Director of Administrative Services, who also coordinates calendar / scheduling reviews to check for conflicts. district/school calendars for possible conflicts in usage.  For further information or to request a Facility Usage Agreement form, please call 937-593-9060, or visit the district website and search under the Fiscal Services tab for the forms link, then select Rental Application. Once the top half of the first page is filled out and signed, email the form to for consideration or drop it off at the BCS central office location, 820 Ludlow Rd. Bellefontaine, OH.


Roger Ely

Executive Director of Administrative Services

Bellefontaine City Schools